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SIMPAR operates throughout Brazil, as well as in other South America countries and in South Africa. As a holding, it sets out strategies for 7 independent operations: JSL, Movida, Vamos, CS Brasil, Automob, Banco BBC Digital and CS Infra. Learn more about our businesses

JSL Movida Grupo Vamos CSBrasil Automob BBC Digital CSInfra

SIMPAR in Numbers

Over 50.000 employees in the Group
230.143 people impacted by projects of the Julio Simões Institute
Over 68 anos of history
Over 230.000 hours of training
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Our Values

Somos mais de 50 mil pessoas que trabalham conectadas por uma mesma Cultura, baseada em Valores que nos acompanham desde nossa origem, em 1956.

ESG Highlights


Work on our Sustainability Policy, with alignment between our business strategy and positive impact transformations.

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Our Projects

Learn more about the social impact initiatives of SIMPAR and its subsidiaries within the communities they are inserted.

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Integrated Reports

Check our yearly reports and learn about the Julio Simões Institute actions, projects, and data on Sustainability in SIMPAR practices.

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