With a modern decision-making and strategic planning structure, in line with best market practices, SIMPAR considers corporate governance as a driver of professionalism, innovation and achievement of its Mission, Vision and Organizational Values. Since 2010, we have been part of the Novo Mercado segment of B3, the Brazilian stock exchange, which requires us to ensure transparency, equity, corporate responsibility and integrity in governance practices.

To this end, we maintain an independent executive office specialized in internal controls, risk and compliance. The Internal Controls, Risk and Compliance – CRC executive office reports to the Audit Committee, in addition to providing advisory support to the Ethics and Compliance Committee and the Internal Controls and Risk Committee.

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In line with the best governance practices and the guidelines of the Office of the Federal Comptroller General, the Program is structured based on pillars that aim to ensure mechanisms and procedures appropriate to the Company's structure.

The Company's Compliance Program, which applies to all its subsidiaries, aims to prevent, detect and remedy any deviations, fraud, wrongdoing and illicit acts, especially in the government environment, as well as to strengthen ethical principles and transparency standards.

Code of

Simpar’s Code of Conduct applies to all those connected with the Company. It is composed of a set of guidelines that reflect our values and should guide our operations. The topics covered in the Code of Conduct include (i) compliance with laws and regulations; (ii) human rights; (iii) labor relations; (iv) employee conduct; (v) fight against corruption; (vi) conflict of interest; (vii) donations and sponsorships; (viii) gifts, entertainment and hospitality; (ix) relations with the external environment; (x) noncompliance and disciplinary measures; and (xi) whistleblowing channel, among others.

See our Code of Conduct.


The Whistleblowing Channel operates 24/7, and whistleblowers can submit reports through the following communication channels: telephone, website and email, all of which are operated exclusively by a third-party company. Anonymity is guaranteed to whistleblowers acting in good faith, and it is possible to follow up the handling of the complaint independently, using a protocol number.

Phone: 0800 726 7111


É um canal gratuito destinado a sanar dúvidas e buscar orientações sobre temas relacionados ao Programa de Conformidade, Código de Conduta, Políticas Anticorrupção e outras normas internas da SIMPAR. Está acessível ao público interno e externo, de segunda a sexta, das 8h às 17h48.

Phone: 0800 726 7250

Políticas Anticorrupção

SIMPAR’s Anti-corruption Policy covers a set of policies that effectively fight corruption, namely:
Policy for Interactions with the Government;
Policy for Participation in Bids;
Policy for Donations and Sponsorships;
Policy for Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality.

Política de Gerenciamento de Riscos

The Risk Management Policy describes (i) the stages of the management process for identification of risk events, (ii) the instruments used for risk management, (iii) the risk management organizational structure and (iv) the responsibilities of all those involved, establishing responsibility limits according to the risk levels identified.

The risk management practices adopted by the Company are reviewed annually and/or whenever necessary by the Internal Controls, Risk and Compliance area.

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